Friday, 3 July 2009

Kimchi : Or "The case for Cannabalism"

What is this Kimchi you say ?

Well imagine you took cabbage , toxic waste , added radiation and seasoned with red pepper paste . You'd have something akin to Kimchi( but probably healthier ).

Kimchi is eaten with just about every meal in Korea . But its cultural impact extends far beyond its culinary "prowess" . It's also considered to have all sorts of magical properties from increasing sexual health to preventing cancer (although in fairness I can see eating the stuff as a form of chemo therapy).

If you eat kimchi enough , which you will discover as a waygukin (foreigner) in Korea is unavoidable due to Koreans constant insistence, you will find it's highly addictive . In fact so addictive is Kimchi that the first Korean astronaut will head into space in a few weeks with bags of the stuff .

Now some people might feel that's a bit silly for an astronaut to need to take kimchi into space , but I say if you are going to blast something at high speeds far away from the planet , it might as well be Kimchi .

The further the better in fact .

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