Sunday, 24 February 2008

Introduction : A manifesto of self loathing .

Some people are good at life . It comes easily and naturally to them . Oh they prance and prod around generally achieving things and hardly screwing anything up . Smug bastards .

I , on the other hand , fail at life . I'm just no good . If the universe was one big rock concert , I'd be the portable toilet .

Now I hope you don't confuse those sentiments for some form of self pity . I find in general in order for me to pity something I need to have some sort of empathy for the thing , and I hate myself far too much to manage any form of empathy for myself . Nope , if there was any group or orginisation out there who proposed feeling sorry for me and allowing me to live , well they can count me out .

You see....I'm human . There can be nothing as detestable in the known universe than a human being . I feel if one is unlucky enough to have been born as a human it's ones moral prerogative to hate oneself as much as possible .

Antinatalism aside, I write this blog in the spirit of a sound warning to my fellow sentient beings in the universe . Also perhaps one could see it in the light of some form of gallatical suicide note , as I expect extermination will be high on the agenda of any intelligence beings reading this .

I hope you enjoy reading this , or at least , don't suffer too much .


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