Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Korean women : an introduction

Women . God bless them .

Personality wise somewhere between a cat and a leech . Chiefly the thing is a cunning manipulative parasite, oh but what a beautiful parasite !

And as beauty goes they don't get much more gorgeous than Korean women. The perfect combination of your modern educated women, with a little old throw back feminity and grace added to the mix. But let's not complicate the equation with the pretence of caring about women's "personalities" and get straight to it...

Korean racing girls....

Korea hasn't gotten caught up in issues of gender equality as much as the west yet. Sexual objectification is everywhere. A day doesn't go by that scantily clad women aren't promoting the opening of some store or marketing some product with total lack of irony or pretense. Of course the hard truth is that girls love being sexually objectified. So unlike the west where women are expected to only objectify themselves within a context( Just look at women's tennis, fashion or myspace in the west.) in Korea they are encouraged to sexually objectify themselves as randomly and frequently as possible. Now that's real gender equality .

Personally all my grand ideas of playing the foriegner card with a harem of Korean women got put to a swift end . The day she walked in...

Enter "Hahn" .

Whilst "Hahn" represents to me all that is achingly beautiful about the universe, I don't think I've yet registered in even the lower dimensions of hers. She's the most perfect and alluring creature I'll ever enountered. I only mention her because I suppose in one way or another the more personal aspects of this blog will involve hahn ripping my heart out in one way or another.

So as that goes...."To be continued"

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