Sunday, 6 April 2008

A request to Korean men : Rape me less .

I'm not Richard Leakey or anything , but I reckon that anthropologically speaking there are some form of etiquette that transcend all cultures.

Specifically I'm talking about the etiquette that one ought to really ask before they fellate someone , or at the very least , wait until they are awake.

The two Korean men sleeping next to me at the Jim Jul bang did not necessarily prescribe to the same view .

I'm not making this up. This is what I woke up to this morning.

I was far too hungover (still drunk really) to make any big scenes . I just pushed them away stood up and stumbled around trying to get my bearings. It was my first time sleeping in one of these places and will certainly be my last. I'm not homophobic or anything it's just for me when it comes to being raped , less is more .

Anyway after you wake up to find some strange mens mouths on your *beep* the last thing you want to be surrounded with is naked men everywhere . I quickly found out the worst place in the entire world to be ,should one not be interested in being surrouned by naked men , is a Jim jul bang. I was not in possesion of a great deal of respect for my fellow man to start with , but I've kind of taken it to the "endorse" genocide level today . Be careful kids .


Colonel Fernandez said...

I have heard about this far too much. Korean dudes creeping on foreign men while they snooze in bath houses. But remember, there are NO gay people in Korea, just guys that want to bang other guys....but they are not gay, only drunken.

The Rooster said...

Yeah . Since I posted this I've heard a lot about it too. Many people have approached me with similiar stories. Ha ha ha. Got to love korea.